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The $50 Billion Post-it Patents: Tips for Business Owners

On May 8, 2021, Spencer Silver, co-inventor of 3M Post-it® Notes, died at the age of 80. The inventor’s death has made national news, and inevitably the event has prompted retelling of the Post-it story, i.e., isn’t it amazing what can grow out of an accidental discovery. But there is more to Post-it Notes than […]

Marathon refinery sends gasoline to Colonial Pipeline

Colonial Pipeline, Cybersecurity, and Your Legal Risks

On Friday, May 7, 2021, the Colonial Pipeline shut down—the target of DarkSide hackers from Russia, who demanded and were paid ransom of over $5 million in untraceable cryptocurrency. Over the duration of the six-day shutdown, the hackers stopped the flow of 600 million gallons of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel from Houston to the […]

Google v. Oracle: Lessons for Innovators

If you are in the business of integrating computer software into new, improved products for your industry, a new opinion by the U.S. Supreme Court might change your world and the ways in which intellectual property (IP) affects your interests. Contrary to popular belief, the new Court opinion is not limited to situations involving Java […]

Selection from Monroe and JQA Patent

Presidents & Patents

Every day is Presidents Day in the offices of Beem Patent Law Firm. We are surrounded by thirteen original U.S. patents signed by early Presidents of the United States. The Beem Presidential Patent Collection spans the years from 1800, when John Adams signed an original patent at the seat of the federal government in Philadelphia, to 1836, when Andrew Jackson signed many original […]

Uncle Emil, the Inventor

“Your Uncle Emil had a patent,” Aunt Anna told me when I was a boy, half a century ago. She said it with the quiet pride of a Norwegian American. We were standing in the kitchen of our long-deceased ancestor Albert Hanson’s farmstead near Viroqua, Wisconsin. She washed, I dried. I liked to be around […]

Be Like Edison – Lay the Groundwork

Do you feel like this is a dead week? Or a great week to lay the groundwork for the coming year? (I write this post on Monday morning between Christmas and the new year 2021.) Thomas Edison, he of 99% perspiration and 2,000 failed filaments, is an inspiration for action. Here’s a link to the […]

IP Due Diligence in 3 Easy Steps

The author of the book IP Due Diligence cites U.S. government statistics measuring amounts at stake in IP deals in the billions and trillions. We believe it. My firm and I have helped clients bring in investments of as much as $200 million or more secured by IP, including patents, trade secrets and trademarks. Due diligence for yourself […]

$800M for Hot Sauce

McCormick & Company (NYSE: MCK), a global leader in flavor, has announced that it will buy Cholula Hot Sauce for $800 million in cash. Annual sales of Cholula Hot Sauce are $96 million. At that rate, it will take eight years for McCormick to recoup the investment, without a nickel of profit. Even if the […]

How to Take Down Fake Websites

The situation: You have a business website. A scammer copies it. They use your images. Your text. Pictures and names of your people. Their fraudulent site looks just like your real site. Indeed, their crime starts with website “spoofing,” and it usually involves a spoofed URL—similar to your real URL. The need to act: Now, […]

A Tribute to RBG and the Judiciary

I join the throngs who grieve the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She loved the law and she applied it fairly and bravely. It takes courage to be a judge, to make decisions that are sometimes unpopular. At least half of the litigants who bring cases to court go away unhappy. Yet I write […]