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Selection from Monroe and JQA Patent

Presidents & Patents

Every day is Presidents Day in the offices of Beem Patent Law Firm. We are surrounded by thirteen original U.S. patents signed by early Presidents of the United States. The Beem Presidential Patent Collection spans the years from 1800, when John Adams signed an original patent at the seat of the federal government in Philadelphia, to 1836, when Andrew Jackson signed many original […]

A Time To Invent

To everything…there is a season…and a time to every purpose – Pete Seeger, from Eccl. 3:1 (KJV) In 1929, Bill Lear, his friend Elmer Wavering, and their girlfriends drove from their town of Quincy, Illinois to a scenic spot to watch the sun set over the Mississippi River. “I wish this car had a radio,” […]

Inventor Shatters Iron Lung

Thanks to Pete Antros, the world is one step closer to improved patient outcomes in premature infants, children, and adults suffering from Atelectasis/airway collapse (AAC), which is a serious complication caused by a wide range of respiratory conditions.