Your business has changed.

Online orders and delivery? You’re stretched.

Medical care? Sanitation? Immunology? Every challenge brings an opportunity.

Video conferencing? You’re setting records.

Are you taking your product line and computerizing it?

Adding intelligence, connectivity, security?

The world belongs to the niche business—the specialty company.

Whether you’re in aircraft or zinc or anywhere in between, you know your customers and their needs.

They need new, improved products. Better. Faster. Greater value (which might mean higher price).

Will you innovate through the turn? Somebody in your industry will do so, and it might as well be you.

Will you protect and enforce your intellectual property? Your proprietary technology? Your brand?

What it means is this: Market leadership. Revenues. Margins. Capital valuation.

This is not the time to sit back. It’s time to innovate.

Call your IP lawyer. Accelerate through the curve.