Thanks to Pete Antros, the world is one step closer to improved patient outcomes in premature infants, children, and adults suffering from Atelectasis/airway collapse (AAC), which is a serious complication caused by a wide range of respiratory conditions.   

Mr. Antros recently received U.S. Patent 10,478,375 directed to his invention for a handheld pulmonary expansion therapy (PXT) device that has the unique capability of generating localized negative pressure in specific lung fields.

While existing negative pressure devices, such as the infamous Iron Lung and the more recent Hayek Cuirass, provide certain benefits, these cumbersome devices also have significant drawbacks, which include an increased risk of blood pooling in vital organs, inhibited access to the patient, and overall patient discomfort.

Mr. Antros’ invention is a significant advance in the field of respiratory therapy and is expected to improve outcomes in a wide range of patients, from premature babies who are barely strong enough to breathe to adults suffering from collapsed lungs after experiencing physical trauma.

Inventors like Mr. Antros are changing the world for the better, and by securing intellectual property rights in their inventions they are transforming groundbreaking ideas into products that are capable of benefiting the masses.

Congratulations Pete! We appreciate your passion for innovation and your devotion to making the world a better place.