George III, King of England
Patent on Rigging for Ships
Location of original: Offices of Beem Patent Law Firm, Chicago, IL

Key Signers
Monarch: George III, King of England (not signed)

Patent Information
Date: 1776
Granted to: Elizabeth Taylor, widow of the inventor
Invention Title: Patent on Rigging for Ships

The Taylor patent is visually striking, showcasing the prowess of King George III’s printers, Charles Eyre and William Strahan. The first page prominently features a crown flanked by a lion and a unicorn in impressive detail, requiring skill and precision. The opposite page displays an intricate design at the top that features a bird in the center. Further down the page, the detail surrounding the “W” leading into the preamble draws the reader’s eye to the beginning of the patent.

King George III, with authorization by act of Parliament, granted this patent to Elizabeth Taylor for improvements in the rigging of ships. Only the first two pages are on display. Four additional pages are contained inside the frame but are not shown.

George III is identified as King “of Great Britain, France, and Ireland.” Further, King George III’s attributes were too many to be listed in full, so it was determined that an “et cetera” would suffice, i.e., King, Defender of the Faith, etc.