Andrew Jackson
Patent for an Improved Tanning Apparatus
Location of original: Offices of Beem Patent Law Firm, Chicago, IL

Key Signers
President: Andrew Jackson
Secretary of State: Edward Livingston
Attorney General: Roger Taney

Patent Information
Date signed: November 2, 1831
Inventor: William Brown
Invention Title: Improvement to Tanning Apparatus of removing the refuse Bark from the Letches by means of water

On display is the first page of the patent issued to William Brown in 1831. It is signed by Andrew Jackson as President.

Text from Patent
o all whom these presents shall come be it known that I William Brown of the county of Delaware of the State of New York have invented a new and valuable improvement as applied to my tanning apparatus of removing the refuse bark from the letches by means of water and that the following is a full and exact description of the operation of said improvement as invented by me.

The improvement as herein claimed by the subscriber is intended to constitute part of his tanning apparatus (as patented Nov. 11th 1830) consists in a facility of removing the refuse bark from the letches without resorting to the common method of shoveling it by hand. Each of the letches is supplied with an aperture at the bottom in which a suitable plug is made to fit closely. This plug passes up though the false bottom of the latch to a proper height that it may be withdrawn by hand. There is a suitable trunk or canal communicating at one extremity with the reservoir or any other head of water and passing along the tops of the letches having a pipe at each of them. When the letches are to be cleaned, the water from the trunk is offered to fit them and when the bark and water are sufficiently agitated and stirred together the plugs are withdrawn and the water with the bark passes out of the aperture in both bottoms left by the plug. It is necessary to keep up the supply of water to each letch as fast it runs out beneath. The subscriber claims the privilege of using valves instead of the [text continues on additional page not shown].