Andrew Jackson
Patent and Reissue for a Coal Stove Construction
Location of original: Offices of Beem Patent Law Firm, Chicago, IL

Key Signers
President: Andrew Jackson
Secretary of State: Martin Van Buren
Attorney General: John Berrien

Patent Information
Date signed: May 3, 1831
Inventor: Urban B.A. Lange
Invention Title: Construction of Stoves to be heated by burning stove coal
Commissioner: Henry L. Ellsworth
Date: May 31, 1837

On display are the first and last pages of one of the first reissued patents. The first page with faded seal and ribbon, is signed by Andrew Jackson, as president, Martin Van Buren, as secretary of state and Attorney General John Barrien and issued in 1831.

On July 4, 1836, the Patent Act of 1836 (5 Stat. 117) created the first Patent Office as a separate organization within the Department of State. Henry Leavitt Ellsworth was named as the organization’s very first Commissioner and immediately began construction of a new fire-proof building just for the Patent Office.

This patent was subsequently reissued in 1937. The second page displayed includes a bright gold seal of the patent office, prominently affixed to the last page of the reissued patent. The reissued patent is signed by the first Commissioner of Patents, Henry L. Ellsworth.

Of note is that the inventor, Urban B.A. Lange, was not a citizen of the United States but a “resident two years.” His home country is not indicated on the patent. Also, the language “the same hath not to the best of his knowledge or belief been previously used or known in this or any foreign country” has been added to the preprinted form.


One of the patents in the Collection is unique in that it was originally issued in 1831 with the signatures of President Andrew Jackson, Secretary of State Martin Van Buren, and Attorney General John Barrien.