Thomas Edison
Handwritten Letter
Location of original: Offices of Beem Patent Law Firm, Chicago, IL

Letter Information
Date: December 26, 1907
Inventor: Thomas Alva Edison
American Inventor
1,097 U.S. Patents

Included in the Beem collection is a personal letter signed by Thomas Edison. In 1900, at age 53, Edison invented the nickel-iron-alkaline storage battery. Edison continued to operate his various businesses, but he really did not start anything new until he turned 60 in 1907 when he started the Edison Portland Cement Company. The “new use” Edison describes in the letter may well be a new type of cement compound.

Also, Edison wrote this letter on his own personal stationary. In 1886, when Edison was 39 years old, he married 19-year old Mina Miller and bought a property known as Glenmont as a wedding gift for his bride. It occupies 13.5 acres in the Llewellyn Park district of Orange, NJ. The remains of both Thomas and Mina Edison are now buried there. Glenmont is maintained by the National Park Service as the Edison National Historic Site.