By Erica Rickey, Practice Manager and Paralegal

New opportunities and inventions lie around every corner. From the earliest recorded histories to the present day, people have solved problems and improved their worlds.

We are seeing the same inventive spirit from our own clients, who are driving change in their industries by developing and improving technologies and services.

Take for example whiskerDocs, a company that is improving the pet telehealth industry. Thanks to them, pet parents can enjoy peace of mind while experiencing the convenience and instant gratification whiskerDoc’s technology provides.

For years Deb Leon, the fearless alpha female leading the way at whiskerDocs, has been building her brand and improving her technology. At every step along the way, from protecting her company slogans to making sure her proprietary technology and subsequent improvements were protected with patent applications, we helped Deb carve out market leadership for her business.

The proactive intellectual property strategy designed by our Firm and pursued by whiskerDocs has helped to propel their brand into the spotlight – and they now enjoy providing their technology and services to “more than three million pets and their parents.” And their story is only beginning.

While not everyone has the time, resources, or inclination to produce new works, it would be a mistake to assume that no growth can take place even while the world seems to spiral into the unknown. We see clients growing their businesses and solidifying their niche every day, and it is our privilege to help them along their journeys.

If you can, now is the perfect time to power through the uncertainty and innovate – the next best thing could start now, with you.

What improvements have you made to your products or services? What are you making work better? Is your brand properly protected? We can help you address these questions today!

As you and your people develop new technologies to get things done, remember that seeking protection with your intellectual property counsel is a great place to start.

If you and your business are looking to increase your capital valuation, market leadership, sales, and profits, call us now! We are experienced intellectual property counsel ready to assist businesses looking to prioritize, protect, and enforce their rights.