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If you are a business owner, manager or lawyer seeking patent counsel to protect your company’s valuable intellectual property (IP), you have come to the right place. Beem Law’s Chicago patent attorneys are ready to engage with you to advance your business, technical and legal interests.

You may file patent applications to protect your company’s inventions. You want your applications expertly prepared to withstand U.S. and international examination, post-grant review and challenges when you enforce your patents. If you are looking for a thorough, strategic, robust patent — consider a Beem patent, prepared and prosecuted by an experienced Beem patent attorney.

Our mission is to work with you to develop and implement a realistic plan to protect valuable intellectual property. In leveraging the 45 combined years we’ve worked with our patent clients in the US and around the world, we’ve earned the trust and developed the expertise to safeguard your rights in every aspect of the patent process.

Beem patent attorneys thoroughly review each invention, working closely with the inventors, engineers, and developers (or referring attorney) to gain detailed disclosure about the invention and technology to explore all aspects of the innovation. This process of “front loading” the application enables Beem patent attorneys to do three things: 1) explore the broadest claims; 2) draft patents with a comprehensive view of the invention; and 3) provide deterrence for infringements. This begins a Beem patent.

As we prepare your Beem patent application, we focus on:

  • The most effective (broad) claims allowable over the prior art
  • Communicating with you throughout every step of the process
  • Reliable cost estimates with fixed prices for most patent preparation and prosecution

During prosecution of the application via the US Patent and Trademark Office, we provide:

  • Targeted responses to Office actions through collaboration with inventors and the Examiner
  • Interviews with examiners for effective negotiation to advance the case
  • Ongoing status updates and correspondence regarding progress of the application

The single-minded focus of this process is to obtain issuance of strong enduring patents — Beem patents — for our clients.
You may also be interested in our Presidential Patent Collection, which exists as an extension of our love of patents and appreciation for their historical context. Your ideas, too, can shape the world.

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