Copyrights guarantee the exclusive right to use and distribute your original works of authorship, including written and digital content and graphics.  Whether you are the producer of software code, technical manuals and documentation, website content, or graphics, you are entitled to legal protection against piracy and infringement.

However, copyright law is quickly evolving. Its complexities require a law firm with deep experience and understanding to protect the interests of clients who thrive on creative endeavors.

This is where Beem Law comes in.

We are a full-service IP firm and will protect and defend your work by applying our skills in the following areas:

  • Copyright registration
  • Due diligence investigations on ownership and status
  • Clearance opinion
  • Fair Use information
  • Copyright litigation and dispute forums

The growing scope of copyright law—including the areas of website development and software code—also provides an extended opportunity to work with our growing list of software developers, firms, and attorneys who need expertise in copyright law and practice.

Software Copyrights

If you or your firm develops software code, obtaining a copyright can be one of the most important forms of protecting your code and return on investment.  Protection goes beyond simply copying of proprietary code and includes protection against infringement on the structure, sequence, and organization of your work.

We assist developers, technology firms, and client attorneys who need to be prepared for possible infringement upon their work.  Our goal is to make sure all potential remedies—such as actual damages, statutory damages, and legal fees—are awarded in the event an infringement occurs.

No matter what type of creative work you need to protect, Beem Law can help you take all the right steps to gain and enforce your legal copyright.