Patent Warriors

Litigation & Appeals

Whether enforcing patents or responding to patent threats, patent litigation matters require an aggressive attorney skilled both in patent law and in patent litigation (Representative Cases).

Patent litigation and appeal calls for a team that is first able to understand and explain the technology involved within a vast array of industries. Then apply the patent law to aggressively present and argue the case effectively. Our patent attorneys are engineers well versed in many technologies and are experienced in strategic application of patent law.

When patent litigation cannot be avoided, it is prudent to consider three parameters in handling the case: (1) positioning for mediated resolution; (2) preparation for trial and (3) cost control.

Selecting the Right Patent Lawyer

In attorney selection, it is important to consider patent law experience, familiarity with Federal Circuit precedent, litigation experience, mediation, negotiation and licensing skills, hourly rates and lean staffing. Strategy should be practical but creative and based on experience in managing cases to satisfy multiple parameters.

In patent litigation or appeal, clients benefit from Beem’s thorough preparation and execution to “move the ball” towards a favorable and timely judgment.

You may be a lawyer — general counsel, IP lawyer or commercial litigator — with a patent case to refer or in which you would like co-counsel or local counsel to act in a substantive role. If you want to bring in a responsive, experienced, cooperative patent attorney — consider Beem to act on instructions, deliver quality work product and keep you fully informed.

Beem Patent Law Firm has litigated and won numerous patent infringement cases in both bench and jury trials in federal courts nationwide. Call Beem Patent Law Firm for information on representation available to you for your patent litigation matter.

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