Beem Patent Law opinions can leverage your IP investment. Consider the following:

  • A Beem patentability or novelty opinion may save your business significant time and expense when you are in the early stages of your patent process. It will also help to determine your patent feasibility prior to commercialization.
  • A Beem infringement opinion may provide solid protection during the litigation process if a charge of infringement is brought upon you or your organization.

A legal opinion is desirable if you are in the early stages of your IP product/process/technology timeline. Determining whether you have intellectual property rights prior to investing in commercialization will save you significant time and expense.  If you want to protect yourself against infringement, it’s also a key element to demonstrate a reasonable basis for believing your IP was not infringing on a lawful patent.

Beem Law can provide advice and counsel to technology clients, web and software developers, and intellectual property owners.  When you’re faced with challenges concerning patent law, infringement, validity, claim construction, or claim scope, we’re here to help.

Our skill in interpreting statutes and case law comes into play as we apply those precedents to the specific facts of your case.  Typically, you can expect our opinions to consider willful infringement, duty of care, requirements for investigation—and this will be important prior to filing suit and other pleadings and submissions.