Trade Secrets

Many businesses owe their success to a trade secret – we help companies institute special procedures for keeping their secrets a secret.

Businesses, particularly those that use technology to make better products, typically own a host of trade secrets, i.e., confidential and proprietary information such as “know-how” regarding how to make the products successfully. Trade secrets include computer data, drawings, recipes, customer lists and any other information that is not generally known to the public.

The Beem Team helps clients identify, catalog and protect trade secrets. This can begin with an intellectual property audit. It also can include a review of employment and confidentiality (or non-disclosure/NDA) agreements, and/or drafting new documents. It also can include a review of security precautions, including cyber security, to preserve confidentiality consistent with the importance and value of the trade secrets and the consequences of having such information fall into the hands of competitors.

The Beem Team further enforces and defends in cases of misappropriation or alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and violations of covenants not to compete. Often these cases arise in situations of hiring a competitors engineer or a competitor hiring your engineer.

Evaluation and protection of your trade secrets are important to do now so that you will have a good case in the event that you need to enforce your trade secret rights. Similarly, should you become aware of a breach or alleged breach of trade secrets or covenants not to compete, it is important to take prompt action to evaluate the situation and decide how best to proceed under the law.