More than ever, businesses need to protect their brand at all costs. Beem Law can do just that with trademarks.

Your logo, business name, and tagline are the unique designs and descriptions used to promote your brand. These are the most efficient ways to establish your company’s brand recognition, which often takes years to develop. Additionally, your logo may become the most valuable intellectual property your business will ever own. Beem Law enforces the protection of your existing trademarks and will work with you to ensure you are not infringing on others’ trademarks during development.

There are extensive steps that Beem Law will take to protect your trademark. The following timeline gives you an idea of what to expect in the process:

  • Trademark searches—to avoid potential conflict of a similar mark in use
  • Federal trademark registration—to grant exclusive use and enforce strong IP rights
  • Trademark agreements—to control the use and identity of the mark with third parties
  • Trademark litigation—to prepare litigation for guard against infringers and defend against accusations
  • Trademark maintenance and enforcement—to meet periodic submission deadlines to avoid cancellation and giving notice to infringers

Often, the best way to protect your trademark is to register it with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Your registered trademark will stand for giving notice that you are the mark’s owner and allows you to bring an infringement suit in the federal court system. When you or your firm have consistently used the mark for five years, the intellectual property automatically receives exclusive rights, barring all others from using it. We handle both trademark oppositions and general trademark litigation here at Beem Patent Law Firm in order to best enable your business to maintain the necessary market leadership tied to your brand.

All in all, Beem Law has the knowledge and expertise to help you clear, police and protect your valuable trademarks.

We are always ready to provide you with more information about protecting your intellectual property.  For more information on trademarks and more, please contact us at (312) 201 0011.