Jim Gesto of South Bend, Indiana, has invented and patented an 11,000 pound trike!

Entertainer Jay Leno likes the Tower Trike so much that he featured it on his popular CNBC show Jay Leno’s Garage.

Watch this one-minute video clip from Leno’s Garage and you will join Jay Leno as a fan of the Tower Trike.

Why is the Tower Trike so big and sturdy? Inventor Jim Gesto explains that drivers of cars and trucks often fail to see conventional motorcycles and trikes. This Tower Trike—you can see it coming, and you want to get out of the way, to yield the right of way. And if there ever should be a collision, the laws of physics favor the larger, heavier, sturdier vehicle.

The prototype of the Tower Trike is powered by a diesel truck engine. It has the rear end of a truck. The tires are large, heavy-duty, truck tires. The steering and suspension systems are new and specially adapted for the weight and design of the trike.

Today we presented U.S. Patent 10,053,180 to Jim Gesto. It is a happy day for an inventor—a happy day for his or her patent attorney—when the U.S. Patent Office issues a patent to the inventor.

Congratulations to Jim Gesto and Tower Trikes!