Seventeen years ago, I founded Beem Patent Law Firm to provide business clients with customized patents and lean, focused enforcement and defense.

It’s been rewarding, and it’s also been humbling.

On the rewarding side has been the ability to attract and serve business clients in patent transactions and litigation, including trial and appeal. It is critical to set the strategy and to negotiate the terms of engagement from the outset. From that time forward, it is satisfying to marshal the resources and to deliver the work product that clients need.

As a patent boutique with a strong network established over many years, infinite resources are available to us. In our national and international practice, we sometimes retain law firms in the interests of our clients.

For example, we recently defended a West Coast company and its Chinese and U.S. managers in an alleged patent infringement case in a large Midwestern city. Working closely with a single partner in a prominent local firm, we got the case dismissed for lack of personal jurisdiction (and that was before a recent Supreme Court decision was handed down, which would have been helpful to our cause).

Sometimes I am co-counsel with other law firms. Sometimes we try cases against each other. There’s room for good lawyers in a variety of platforms.

On the humbling side, the greatest surprise has been in recruiting. Few lawyers, indeed, few people, are entrepreneurs. The awesome possibilities (and the weighty responsibilities) scare people. It isn’t easy to start and grow a law firm. But for the right lawyer or small group, we have room for another name or two on our door.